My Lip Filler Experience With Before and After Photos

After my first procdeure. This was taken 3 days later, most of the swelling had gone away.

I have had my lips “filled” on about 5 separate occasions. I would like to preface this entire post with just a couple quick notes. I did enough research before doing this procedure the first time to make myself feel totally comfortable. I would never recommend this to anyone but I absolutely think that it’s worth looking into if it’s something you are interested in doing. I included a video of one of my procedures at the end of this post if you’re interested. I could see it possibly grossing someone out so I left it for the end.

Lip Filler experience restalyne juvaderm with and before after photosThe problem with a lot of cosmetic procedures is that people tend to think it’s always vain and superficial. In my own personal case, I have always been drawn to body modification so nothing about getting fillers bothered me. It is less permanent than a tattoo and I have never been opposed to anything of this nature.

Lip Filler experience restalyne juvaderm with and before after photos

Directly after my first procedure. Prior to any swelling.

Moving on. The first time I had my lips filled I was very nervous, but more excited to have it done. My lips weren’t very small to begin with, but I was obsessed with making them larger. I spent so many nights reading and trying to figure out a bunch of information that I could only have answered by a doctor.

I decided to use a hyaluronic acid-based filler called Resytlane. The girl that explained how all of this works told me that out of all the fillers, Restylane was the smallest molecule. She also added that normally people come back to get an additional syringe to get the results that they want. She explained to me that normally the product will last about 4-5 months before starting to get metabolized by the body. This means that in about four months I would probably want to come back and get another syringe.

I think that the thing I was least prepared for out of this entire experience was that there was a lot more maintenance involved than I expected. I suppose that a lot of people make it seem like you walk in once a year, spend 500 bucks on a mL of filler and then never step foot inside of the office for another year. This is certainly not the case, at least in my own personal experience.

I decided to go with Restalyne anyway. According to all of my online research, it seemed the safest route. After I was consulted, I had pictures taken for “before” photos and I was escorted to a room where a topical numbing cream was applied to mouth area.

This leads me to my first pro-tip: Do not even bother wearing makeup. It’s a complete waste of your precious time and energy. I know that it is hard to resist because you are in a doctors office surrounded by a bunch of beautiful people, but seriously don’t bother. I had to remove all (I was caked the first time I walked in) my makeup from the bottom half of my face.

I waited about 20 minutes with the numbing cream all over the bottom half of my face before the doctor walked in. The doctor that I have gone to for this every time is fantastic and has always been super energetic. She is always pumped and it is very comforting knowing that there is at least one other person that it is excited.

Now I am going to break this down with all the questions that I normally get asked about this:
Pain: It is honestly not that bad. It looks gruesome, but it feels more like the feeling when you get dental work. You can feel it’s happening, but not 100 percent. I will go out on a limb and say that if you have a tattoo that you will be just fine.
Healing: This is the worst part. I have never had any real bruising after injections, but I have swollen so bad that I had to just nap it out until it was over. I would recommend doing this on a day when you have nothing going on and you can just lounge. I have zero shame and I have no issue walking into public after I do this, but I try to avoid it. I am fine to go back to work the next day. It does hurt while they are swollen and I find it’s hard to eat directly afterwards.
Cost: This is costly. I pay for all of this myself and I would never do it unless I had the income to be able to afford it without going into debt. I would also not recommend this if you can’t afford to keep going to maintain them. It is certainly an investment, but it is not worth over extending yourself for. It is a luxury that you absolutely can live without. With all that being said I normally do about 2mLs when I go (it depends on the product), it ranges from about 400-600 per syringe.
Procedure: The actual injecting takes what seems like 5-10 minutes. It is a very fast easy procedure. After my doctor was done she held up a mirror and made sure that there was nothing going on that I didn’t like. It has been the same for every subsequent procedure since then.

I have gone back several (about 5-6 times) for maintenance and additional filler. I have never been subtle about anything. Ever. I wanted to have big lips. I took a cautious route and did mine slowly, which is why I have gone back so many times. I didn’t want there to be any complications so I was as careful as possible and only used a little at a time. I wanted to get used to how it looked, the swelling/healing process and how long the product lasted on me. I have used Restalyne a few times, Juvaderm Volbella, and Juvaderm Ultra. I have had similar results with all three. Restalyne is the one that I have used the most, and Juvaderm Volbella had the least amount of swelling and the most natural look. Juvaderm Ultra gave me the best result, but it is also the most expensive out of three that I have tried.

I am leaving out the details of where I have received this procedure. I am not a medical professional, and I do not think it is fair for their name to be associated with a post from a customer that does not operate in their field. I just know from personal experience that I enjoyed reading people’s personal accounts and looking at before and after pictures.However, if you would like to know where I have received my fillers, just contact me and I will be more than happy to share it with you.

All of these pictures in this post are taken by me, and they have not been altered in anyway that would make this at all deceiving. This is not something that should be done on a whim. I am comfortable sharing this kind of stuff because I know a lot of people are interested. If you have any other questions feel free to drop me a comment or contact me.


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