Sephora Play! August 2017 Unboxing

Sephora Play!
Sephora Play! has been the only subscription box service that has stuck for me. I like that the products that I receive are actually ones that I will use or I have at least wanted to try out. The theme for August’s Play! is “The Innovators” and these are products that are different and interesting. A small card is included with every bag that is good for 50 beauty insider points that can be redeemed for deluxe samples at check out.
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Summer 2017 Favorites

Summer 2017 Favorites
July is over and I have finally gathered up my summer 2017 favorites that I have been using constantly since I have changed up my makeup for the weather. If you have oily, acne-prone, or otherwise totally uncooperative skin when it comes to heat and humidity these will likely work for you. It’s always good to take into account the changing seasons when it comes to your makeup and skincare.
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Urban Decay Shapeshifter Contour Review

What You Get: This palette is a cream and powder set in one palette. Included is 4 powders and 5 cream colors to contour, highlight, and color correct.
Cost: $45
Packaging: This set comes in a sturdy plastic container with two mirrors that separate the cream and powder.
Where to Buy: Sephora
Important Notes: Urban Decay is a cruelty-free brand

Urban Decay Shapeshifter Contour Review– This palette has everything that you need if you contour and highlight your face everyday. It also has a pink-peach based concealer for color correcting darkness.
– The shade range of this is excellent and there is a darker set for darker skin tones. There is a cooler-toned contour powder and a warmer contour powder as well to suit different undertones.
– The highlight shade is good for everyday use and it is not too much, but is still very pigmented and wears well.
– The packaging of this is 10/10. It is sturdy and could travel easily.
– Pigmentation. This is not really a “bad” thing most of the time. The cream shades in this very pigmented and if you go into this like all of the contour videos and tutorials that you see everywhere, you’re going to have a hard time blending this out. Less is totally more with this one.
– The concealer shades are on the drier side and might not work for every skin type especially for under-eye areas.
– I have not found myself using this a ton since I got it even though the product itself is good. You get a ton of product but unless you’re cream and powder contouring and highlighting all the time, you might not get a ton of use out of this.

Urban Decay Shapeshifter Contour Review
The first contour shade is pretty dark and works more like a bronzer on lighter skin. It is on the warmer side and is highly pigmented so it takes a while to blend out if you use too much product.Urban Decay Shapeshifter Contour Review

How to Fix Your Skin Without a Doctor for Adult Acne and Oily Skin

Having acne is the absolute worst. And what’s even worse than having acne is having acne as a 14 year old? Having acne as a 20 (side-eyeing, you, 30) year old woman. I started color-correcting my skin when I was in middle school after reading a magazine article in my mom’s Cosmo magazine that said green corrected redness. So I remember buying some nonsense from Walmart and smearing it all over my face. Fast forwarding to high school where I had full range to wear whatever makeup (and I SURE did) I wanted. Anyway this is all working towards the idea that I started caking my face as what I would consider a toddler all in an effort to cover up the fact that I didn’t have great skin.

After I started really getting serious about makeup skills, I felt like I could never really do what all of these other gals are doing because my skin was so shitty. I decided I was over all of the skin issues that I had and I went to a doctor. Things went badly and I ended up not getting the results I wanted. I had really bad side effects from antibiotics that I was prescribed. I used them for about 5 days before I just stopped using all of it.

I really immersed myself into figuring out a skincare routine and after trying out about a million products I feel like I finally found some products that fixed most of my issue. I started using a routine and really getting serious about my skincare about a year ago so the first picture that I included would be from about a year ago.

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The Jaclyn Hill Palette Review and Swatches

Jaclyn Hill Palette Review
The Jaclyn Hill Palette might be the hardest makeup item that I have ever tried to get my hands on. To be fair, I have never ordered eyeshadow from Morphe and I have never used any of their makeup products to compare this one to. In all honesty I have tried to steer clear of this brand as a whole because of all of the issues surrounding products. I was super interested in this eyeshadow though because it was alleging to be so much better than all of their other products. A new and improved formula that took years to perfect, blah blah blah. I was skeptical, but I had no choice, I had to get my hands on it.
The Jaclyn Hill Palette

This launched on a Wednesday morning (around 11am for me) and the site worked pretty well for what had to have been an enormous amount of traffic. I was able to put this in my cart, and then I waited about 30 minutes for check-out. I believe this one sold out in 45 minutes. I received an email that day, and my product was delivered Saturday with just the normal shipping. I was shocked at how fast it arrived and I was mentally preparing myself for it to take weeks before I received it. It was packaged just fine for being sent in the mail with bubble wrapping and my makeup arrived in perfect condition.
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Part One: YouTube Made Me Buy It

overhyped beauty products
I buy a lot of things that I do not actually think that I will get a lot of use out of because I like to review to them. It kind of comes with the territory of blogging. I feel like many of the things in this post are typical over hyped beauty products that have gained a lot of popularity from social media. With so much hype, it is easy to be let down when things are not life altering. There are a lot of products that get a ton of hype that I get so excited about the idea of and end up being duds. For this post I looked through my vanity to find things that I think have gained a lot of popularity via social media that have not worked out for me for whatever reason.
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theBalm Appetit Eyeshadow Palette Review

The Balm always has eye-catching and interesting packaging that makes their products unique. This product is no different. This eyeshadow palette is in a “menu” theme with the names of the shadows being plays on food and men’s names (stay with me, it’s weird, I know). Part of me thinks that the way that their products are packaged is cute and the other part of me thinks it’s too much and makes takes away from the actual quality of the product because it feels young. Regardless of how you feel about the theme of their products, they do work well.
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Sephora Play! The Iconic Edition Review

Sephora Play Iconic edition review
When I first saw this I must admit that I bought it immediately because I knew that it would be one of those things that would either be totally fantastic or it would be a complete dud. The Sephora Play! Iconic Edition was limited to VIB Rouge Sephora shoppers and cost $20. Immediately after launching there was some black lash from customers about why this would be considered a perk of being VIB Rouge. There was also some hoopla about Sephora deleting 1-star reviews on their site. Honestly there were a lot of 1-star reviews from people that couldn’t possibly have received their boxes, but I did notice that many comments and reviews that where there the first time that I checked were gone later when I went back to look into it.

Moving on, I purchased my box for $20 and I received it two days later with the use of Flash Shipping. To be totally fair, I really do not gravitate towards the “luxury” brands that I knew would be in this box. They generally are not geared towards people my age or skin type and I have other brands that I prefer. I did; however, take into account that there are a lot of people that are careful about what they spend their money on and would be interested to know what was inside. I figured that spending $20 would be worth seeing what some of these brands would have to offer and here is what I got.
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5 Drugstore Makeup Products That Actually Work

5 Drugstore Makeup Products That Actually Work
Just because something is from a drugstore does not mean that the quality of the product has to be lacking. Drugstore makeup that works has been my current favorite thing to find when I am looking for things to include in my posts. I have found that there are some things that cost much less than my high-end makeup that I prefer.
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Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Cheek Palette Review

Lorac Pirates of the Caribean Face Palette review
The Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Cheek Palette is a limited edition launch that is associated with the upcoming movie. The collection included an large eyeshadow palette, a cheek palette, and several lip products. The cheek palette is the one that I was most interested in because it is different than most limited edition launches that are associated with movies. I am used to seeing eyeshadow palettes and typically they look pretty but are not practical.

The cheek palette has 6 shades and a large mirror. The packaging is typical cardboard with a magnet to keep it closed. It is very detailed and pretty and looks like a book (I have to assume that the packaging is based pretty closely on the movie).
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