e.l.f Rosegold Eyeshadow Palette Review


elf rosegold eyeshadow reviewElf has really been stepping up their products in the past few months, and you can definitely tell by the amount of great reviews some of their stuff has gotten recently. I have always been the type of person that would rather spend 60 dollars on a product that works, than 60 dollars worth the drugstore products that are only so-so. With that being said, and with all the higher-end brands putting out products that have been misses, I am getting more comfortable with drugstore makeup. I have even been able to find a ton of products that I can really get a lot of use out of. I watched and read several reviews on the elf Matte palette and most of them were great. I didn’t see a whole lot of reviews on the Rosegold palette, so I decided to pick it up from Target.

elf rosegold eyeshadow reviewCost: $10 making each shadow about $1
Where: elfcosmetics.com (I purchased mine in-store at Target, but elf seems to have free shipping)
Important Notes: This is a neutral palette with matte and shimmer shades. Most shades have a rosey/pink/gold undertone. This is complete palette, meaning you have everything you need to make a complete look with a browbone highlight, transition colors, darker colors to add depth, and lighter shades for a pop of highlight.
Packaging: The packaging for this one is pretty typical for a drugstore palette, but it is good. It has a black sleek design and it is small. It could be thrown into a purse for travel. It seems sturdy and also has a mirror.
elf rosegold eyeshadow reviewAll of the shadows in the palette were pretty true to their color. The only shade that I had trouble with when trying to create a look was the darkest one. It skips a bit, but it can still be useable with some work. These shadows lasted about 4-5 hours before having any visible signs of wearing. The shimmer shades seemed to disappear first and then the lighter mattes.
This palette is absolutely worth $10 if you gravitate towards these kinds of neutrals. Also if you are looking to make the kinds of eyeshadow looks that you could create with Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palette. To me, I like that it is not bulky and I can take it with me without it taking up too much room in my bag. It does require some touching up and likely will not last through an entire day, but for the price, that can be looked past in my opinion.


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