e.l.f Cosmetic’s Pore Refining Brush/Mask tool and Hydrating Bubble Mask Review

elf cosmetics mask tool bubble mask review

I went to Target yesterday because I wanted to review more affordable skin care. I had heard of the elf Cosmetic’s Bubble Mask and I figured I would give it a try. That’s when I found something truly revolutionary that I haven’t heard anyone talking about. This mask tool is my new favorite thing. It is totally unique to anything (higher end included) that I have found. I feel like it takes a long time to review a skincare product, at least 3 weeks of use, before you can form a really solid opinion of how this product works. So this post will be more about the mask tool than the bubble mask itself.

elf cosmetics mask tool bubble mask review

elf Hydrating Bubble Mask and Mask tool

Mask Tool:
So this Mask Tool is a silicone brush that can be used to apply face products, but minus the gross part. One of the reasons that I hate applying some skincare is that it is messy. Also I am lazy. When you use any skincare product out of a potted container your fingers, the germs from your fingers are getting into the product that you are using. Besides being gross, depending on what you are using, it can be messy too.

This thing is the perfect product. It is easy to clean, and you dip it right into your moisturizer or mask of choice and apply it straight onto your face. Then in the most easy-peasy perfect way, you just rinse this guy off. No mess, no gross fingers in your product. If revolutionary is a term that can be used in a makeup review, now is the time. Plus it is only $5.00, it doesn’t get any better than that. Find it here.

Bubble Mask:

I also tried out the Bubble Mask with it, but I am skeptical to actually review something that I have only used once. It was a cool concept for sure and it brings the Korean Beauty skincare trend with a drugstore price which I can really appreciate. This mask goes on like a gel, and then starts to bubble and foam up after a couple seconds.

The idea is great, the bubbles are small enough and clean out pores, etc. You only have to leave it on for 10 minutes and then rinse with warm water. My first impression was definitely good for this one. Find it here.


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