February Favorites from Juvia’s Place, Buxom, Wet N Wild and NYX Cosmetics

February Favorites Nyx Cosmetics Juvias Place elf cosmeticsNow that February is over, I am going to do a compilation of my favorite products that I have tried this month. I will start off by saying I did not have a lot high-end hits for this time around, and I was disappointed by a lot of the products that I purchased. I have to admit I was more satisfied with NYX, Wet N Wild, and elf this month.

February Favorites Nyx Cosmetics Juvias Place elf cosmeticsWet N Wild Photo Focus Powder:
I purchased this from Ulta with the liquid foundation because I have heard so many good things about both of them. The liquid did not work for me, but I have heard from so many other people that it worked out well for them. I did not have high hopes for this powder because I have tried to so many setting powders and I assumed that one that cost $5 would not work well. I was certainly wrong about this one. The coverage is sheer and buildable and it works well with every foundation I have tested it with. I throw this in my makeup bag for touch-ups during the day and at work and I haven’t noticed it becoming super cakey.
I would recommend this for someone who wears full-coverage foundation and needs a setting powder that will be more sheer. Find it here.

February Favorites Nyx Cosmetics Juvias Place elf cosmeticsNYX Faux Whites Liner in Linen and NYX Eyeshadow Base:
I was really excited to try out the NYX Faux Whites/Blacks line of eyeliners for waterlines. I am definitely more drawn to the idea of using a liner that is not bright white in your waterline because it looks more natural and less dated. These do not disappoint. The color is subtle but it is perfect for making eyes look larger and more awake. I am the biggest fan of the shade ‘Linen’ (it is a muted baby pink) out of the shades in this line. I have used it a ton and I will more than likely buy the rest of the liners in this collection. Find it here.
I picked up two eyeshadow bases from NYX as well, one in natural and the other in white. I love both of them. They work really well as a base and I have noticed that my shadows look brighter and last longer when I use them. They can be a little tacky when applied so I always set them with a base eyeshadow color. Find it here.

Buxom Plumpline Lip Liner in White Russian:
White Russian Lipgloss by Buxom is my favorite Lipgloss on the face of the Earth by far. I love the color and it is so easy to wear. I cannot say that I love the tingly formula though. When I saw this at Sephora I knew that I would love it and I do. The color is the perfect shade to go with White Russian gloss or to use as a base. This shade is the perfect nude for me so normally I just line my lips with this and then just put a balm on over top. This is duel-ended pencil with a brush on the other end for blending purposes. This is $17 so the price is a little steep for a liner, but I feel like there is enough product to make it worth the price tag. Find it here.

The Nubian Palette By Juvia’s Place
If you’re in the market for an eyeshadow palette with the best shimmery shadows, this is it. I am not super familiar with the brand since it is relatively new, but this one really blew me away. I feel like some indie brands can make products that are better than huge brands and this is a good example. These are some of the most pigmented and beautiful shadows I have seen in a long time. The price is very reasonable as well. Shipping was fast and I have used this quite a bit since receiving it. I have not tried the other 3 palettes from them, but I look forward to being able to get my paws on them. Find it here.

e.l.f cosmetic’s Mask tool:
I love this thing and I use it everyday for applying skincare products. It works great for keeping things clean and keeping my grubby mitts out of my jars of skincare products. I am surprised that more brands haven’t put out more tools like this because I feel like this is pretty innovative. Plus for $5 you can’t beat it. Find it here.



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      It’s very good! I am really a fan of the line because there isn’t much like it that’s out right now.

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