When it comes to my “beauty” roots, it would be a lie to say that my beginnings weren’t humble. At best, I was a bumbling teenager with a Covergirl compact and enough black eyeliner for 3 human beings. At worst, I can remember using a sharpie marker on my eyelid more vividly than I care to admit to. If you would have asked me back in those dark days if I would have wanted makeup (and fashion, skincare and everything else that makes me seems horrendously high-maintenance) to be an enormous part of my life, I would have told you “yes”. It has always been my hobby, but my execution was lacking…at best. It’s exciting to me to be able to share the most fun part of my days with an actual audience that loves makeup (and everything that comes with it).

So here we are almost 15 years later and it has been a long time since I have used a permanent marker to line my eyes; however, I am not ashamed to still be a sucker for a good Covergirl compact.

Being able to share my humble thoughts on the latest scoop in the beauty world has most likely become too much for my friends and family to tolerate. So, with all considered, I have decided to take my ramblings to a blog. I couldn’t be more thrilled about journeying into such a perfect fit for me.