Kat Von D Calls out Makeup Revolution: Here’s Why

Why did Kat Von D Call out Makeup Revolution
I feel like anyone who is even slightly involved in the makeup world on Instagram was shocked to see Kat Von D’s post in regard to Makeup Revolutions ‘dupe’ Shade and Light eye contour palette. Is it fair for Kat to be upset for a company copying her work? I should probably preface this by saying that I am a true-blue Kat Von D Supporter. I love her brand, her products and how forward she seems to come across. I have never met her personally but I feel like she is pretty forthcoming with her creative process and I feel like you have to respect it. I have purchased countless Kat Von D products and I can’t really find a worthy complaint about anything. Everything I have tried I have truly enjoyed. I also like supporting a brand that I feel is honest about the amount of work that goes into their products. Kat has never been shy about how involved she is in her makeup line, and there is just something about her that I can personally respect. I struggled with whether or not I wanted to purchase the ‘dupe’ product, but I know that I fully support Kat’s makeup line, and I have purchased so much of it, that purchasing this in the hopes that seeing these two placed side by side would shed some light on the situation.

Why did Kat Von D Call out Makeup Revolution

My issue with the Makeup Revolution palette is that it is that is does feel like plagiarism as Kat suggested in the YouTube video she uploaded a few nights ago. The setup of the palette, the color choices, the arrangement of the pans are the. exact. same. I have no issue personally with a makeup brand making an affordable product for customers that do not have access to a certain brand but that is truly not the issue. The Shade and Light palette has 12 matte neutral shades. They are arranged in a certain way that is unique to that palette. I cannot speak for every single eyeshadow palette that has ever existed, but it seems to be unique. I think the most important question is that if the ‘dupe’ palette was not arranged in that way, with the same color selection would it be as marketable? Probs not. A product can be a cost-effective option without copying every single aspect of product. Kat Von D explained these points personally in a youtube video where she walks through her house to show you the creative process to design packaging and test products. You can find the video here.

For example, my most favorite lipstick was Viva La Glam Gaga 2 by Mac. It was limited edition and I will probably never be able to find it again. I would be lying if I didn’t fire up my phone and search for a shade that was the same. I found lipsticks that ranged in price and were close in shade. None of those lipsticks resembled a Mac lipstick tube, but the color was similar enough to look the same. These are dupes.

Could you go to a drugstore and find a palette that has the same shade range as the Shade and Light palette? I’m going to go out on a limb and say you absolutely can. I don’t think that is what the problem is. It is not that the shades do not exist anywhere else on Earth or that it is so cutting edge that you have no choice but to shell out $48 dollars for the Kat Von D version. My personal opinion is that there is a value to creativity and I can’t complain about a brand that wants to protect themselves.

For the sake of review purposes I am going to swatch both, and do a wear test for each product. I am not jazzed about purchasing a product that I do not truly want, but I was personally very interested in how similar they could possibly be. Plus I feel like I have purchased enough Kat products to warrant my Makeup Revolution palette for review purposes. It is one thing to make something look the same, but it is a totally different situation to see how the products work and wear.

Kat Von D calls out Makeup Revolution. Here's why
When I opened up the palette from Makeup Revolution, I was shocked by how close they were. There are some shades that are a little off when compared to the Kat Von D Version, but for the most part they are exactly the same. The Kat Von D Shade and Light palette is much more sturdy when it comes to packaging and the Light and Shade palette has your typical plastic packaging that is relatively light. It has a snap closure and it comes with a dual-ended brush. Shade and Light did not come with a brush, but does come with a mirror. My Light and Shade palette has a sticker on the front that advertises that the product no longer contains Talc, but Talc is listed second on my ingredient list on the back of the packaging. Here is a photo of the Light and Shade palette swatched

Makeup Revolution Light and Shade Swatched
The quality of this palette is by no stretch of the imagination bad. The colors are not terrible and they swatch totally fine. They seem a little more chalky than I would have hoped for and less pigmented than the original shade and light palette.

What interested me most is that Makeup Revolution has a matte palette already that was available for purchase at Ulta. It is about $8 and has a lot of shades that are similar to the Kat Von D palette but they are not arranged in the same manner and it is half the price. It is called the Redemption palette. It is made up of all matte neutral shades, with the exception of one shimmer. It is the same weight (14 grams), and has a similar formula to their Light and Shade palette (it is off by 1-2 ingredients in different orders). Here is the Makeup Revolution Redemption palette:

Kat Von D calls out Makeup Revolution. Here's why
I personally find nothing wrong with finding cost effective alternatives to products and I would fail to see Kat’s point if she called out the palette above. However, the Light and Shade palette has so many striking similarities that it is hard to ignore.

Kat Von D Calls Out Makeup Revolution. Here's why
You can see from the picture that, especially Shax, is more pigmented. The Shade and Light palette has a little bit more product (about 2 grams more) and is generally bigger in size than the Makeup Revolution palette. You can find the Shade and Light palette here

In closing, I think it’s important to support creativity whether the creativity is coming from a high-end brand or a drugstore brand. There are so many affordable products out there, that creating something that so closely resembles something else isn’t super necessary. I have no issue with Makeup Revolution and I did not find either palette that I purchased to have bad quality that they would NEED to produce replica products.


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