Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Cheek Palette Review

Lorac Pirates of the Caribean Face Palette review
The Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Cheek Palette is a limited edition launch that is associated with the upcoming movie. The collection included an large eyeshadow palette, a cheek palette, and several lip products. The cheek palette is the one that I was most interested in because it is different than most limited edition launches that are associated with movies. I am used to seeing eyeshadow palettes and typically they look pretty but are not practical.

The cheek palette has 6 shades and a large mirror. The packaging is typical cardboard with a magnet to keep it closed. It is very detailed and pretty and looks like a book (I have to assume that the packaging is based pretty closely on the movie).

Availability: Limited edition
Where to buy: ulta lorac
Cost: $30. This makes each shade around $5 per pan. There are 15.42 grams of product total.
This palette has 4 highlighters and two blushes/bronzer. 3 of the highlighters would likely work best for light-medium skin tones, with the last (Bold Spirit) possibly working on darker skin. The blush is a darker matte mauve, and the bronzer (or perhaps blush) is a matte light beige.

Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Cheek Palette review

I have really enjoyed using this palette but it is likely because it is easy for me to find uses for everything that is in here. My skin tone is pretty light (NW25 in Mac foundation shades). The beige matte bronzer is light but on my skin it shows up as a very easy to wear light bronzer. This wouldn’t be the case for darker skin tones. The highlighters in this palette are fantastic for those of us that do not want big chunks of glitter or a streak of blinding highlight. They are very easy to blend and they can be mixed and layered without becoming muddled or weird looking. I am personally not a fan of the blush shade on me, but the formulation of the product is good. It is easy to wear and blend. It is highly pigmented, but a little too dark for me.

Lorac Pirates of the Caribean Face Palette review
Fortune: Pure pearl white highlight
Destined: Peach highlight
Star Reader: Gold Highlight
Lost Soul: Light Beige (I assume this can be used as a bronzer or blush based on your tastes)
Caribbean: Dusty Rose Blush
Bold Spirit: Cool Pink highlight.
Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Cheek Palette reviewI am wearing Star Reader in this picture. It is very gold, but still wearable. It was not ‘too much’ but still an obvious highlight on my cheekbones.

Per usual there are somethings about this palette that I wasn’t a big fan of. There is a lot of product that kicks up when using a brush in each pan. I have to assume that this is because the highlighters are so soft and highly pigmented. However, if you’re not expecting it, it can be messy. I do not feel that this takes away from the quality of what you’re getting, you just have to be more careful on application.
My other issue is the packaging. With it being cardboard, and having just a magnetic clasp, it may not travel well. I personally wouldn’t take this with me for touch-ups because I have worn it several times and it has lasted long enough to not have to be reapplied. If you must travel with it, I would take extra care  to make sure it doesn’t break in a makeup bag.
I think this palette is great for my purposes. I have used it quite a bit since
purchasing it and I love the bronzer-like color that they included. If you already have a few everyday highlighters, you likely do not NEED this product unless you’re into collecting limited-edition products. If you’re in the market for a crazy glittery highlighter, this will probably disappoint you. Any highlighter will intensify texture on your face if it’s there, but I have found that this one works well for me, even with having large pores and texture on my skin. I would definitely recommend this and will be getting a lot of use out of this product.
This review is not sponsored, and I purchased this product on my own from Ulta.



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    overall, I like the sound of this palette: I’m a huge fan of Lorac and their products. However, I don’t like the fact that it gets messy and kicks up dust, so I’m not sure if I’m compelled enough to purchase! x
    Lots of love,
    Marina Rosie xx

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