Real Techniques Diamond Sponge Review


Real Techniques Diamond sponge. Dry.

My original Beautyblender will always have a special place in my heart that I don’t think that I could ever replace it with another sponge, although I have tried many. There is just something magical about that thing that makes it the best. product. ever. But I could not resist (again) trying something new. After seeing the launch of the pretty little diamond sponge by Real Techniques, I knew I had to have it. But I would not have it right away. It was way harder to find than I would have imagined. I finally got my mitts on one during a chance encounter at Kohls.

The good: This thing is adorable. I’m sucker for a diamond. It is also half the price of a regular Beauty Blender. It is also, from what I found, easy to clean. I have only tried to twice, but cleaned it after each use. The idea of this is great, the different shapes that it offers makes it easy to get around your under-eye area. My foundation applied well, it blended out easily, I had to issue with patchy-ness or the typical problems that come with using sponge with foundation. This thing really shined (get it? it’s a diamond) when applying powder to set concealer. The shape made it super easy.

Size after dampening

The Bad: This little guy gets almost (ALMOST) too big when you put water on it. Not too big that you can’t use it, but too big that it could be kind of an awkward application. It is much softer than a regular Beautyblender so it doesn’t have as much”bounce” when being used. It is still not bad at all.

The verdict: I don’t think this is a replacement, but more of a supplementary sponge for my collection. I will absolutely use it, but I would not rather use this instead of my dear Beautyblender. I think that this would be good for someone who would like to try a good sponge, but not shell out the 20-something bones.

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