Moda Prismatic Face Perfecting Kit Review

Moda Prismatic Face Perfecting Kit
I am skeptical about oval brushes and prior to purchasing this set, I only owned one. When Artis brushes became all the rage, it seemed like every makeup brand hopped onto the trend and produced replicas. The first oval brush that I purchased was from Artis (oval 7) and it is still my most favorite brush. They are an investment and it seems silly to spend so much money on brushes that you may not even like as they take some getting used to.
I use my oval 7 brush purely for foundation when I want it to be a little more full-coverage than what I can get with a Beauty Blender. With all of that being said, I came across the Moda Prismatic face perfecting 4 piece brush set at Walmart. It was around $20 with tax making the 4 brush set about a quarter of what one Artis brush would cost (I know).

Moda Prismatic Face Perfecting Kit
My first impression of these brushes is obviously that they’re pretty. I had to look past the fact that they look like beautiful little mermaids to give an honest review. My second thought about them is that they are very light and do not feel very sturdy. The bristles are dense (and purple) which is great for getting really full-coverage with any product.

Moda Prismatic brushes
The company that produces these, Royal & Langnickel, also produce paintbrushes. Which possibly gives them an extra edge in creating great brushes for applying your makeup. I have purchased two sets of their brushes (one purple set, and one white) both of which I honestly love and use all the time. Find them here

I used this set for everything I could think of to get a good idea of how well they worked. I had some hits and misses.

Brush 801 is the largest brush, which is meant for foundation. I used this with my Fiona Stiles Matte Finish Foundation. I pumped the foundation directly onto the brush, and kind of stamped it all over my face and then blended it in. This brush didn’t work great for me. It felt too big, and it didn’t seem to get my foundation to really blend in with my skin. I have since, in my most genius move yet, repurposed this brush for applying skincare products and I love it for that since I do not have to be so precise.

moda prismaic oval brushes

Brush 802 is the second largest brush in this set and I am huge fan of it. The packaging suggests to use this for bronzer. I used it for my cream contour. It should also be noted that this brushes can be used with both cream and powder products. I normally do not cream contour but I really wanted to test out how well they blend and brush 802 did not disappoint. The size of the brush worked well for me and I had no problems with it.

Brush 803 is a little smaller and I used this for a powder highlight and I would certainly recommend using it for that purpose. It produced a pretty heavy highlight which is normally not what I go for, but it worked well. I used it with Lorac’s Pirate of the Carribean face palette and I loved the way it worked. This palette is also great so it could have been the quality of the product that I was using. Find it here

Brush 804 is tiny. I used it a little bit for blending my eyeshadow, but I didn’t get much use out of it. I imagine that it could work well with nose contouring, which I don’t do a lot of. For me personally, I like oval brushes more for foundation and face makeup, and I just can’t make them work so well for eye makeup.

Overall I think this set is good if you want to see if you would like to start using oval brushes without spending a ton of money on more of the luxury brand versions of them. They are soft and easy to clean which makes them really good for a beginner. I will get a lot of use the middle two brushes and less use out of the biggest and smallest one.



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