NYX Duochromatic Illuminating Powder Review and Comparison To Kat Von D Alchemist Palette

Duochrome Highlighters have been super trendy recently and I have been obsessed with them since I started seeing people model them on Instagram. They can be subtle or built up to really look bright and shiny in pictures. I found these Duochromatic highlighters by NYX Cosmetics at Target and I was very excited to give them a try. They cost $8 for 6 grams of product. Find Them Here.

I was pleasantly surprised with this product. I used a fan brush to apply the product, and then went back in with a smaller highlight brush to make it more extreme. The color was very obvious and looked very pretty depending on the light I was in. I could see this hard to be “natural” looking, but if you’re looking for a highlighter that is different than the norm, then you will really enjoy these.
Cost: The cost of this product is relatively low. $8 for 6 grams of product
Availabilty: Drugstore/Ulta/Department Store (I have not seen these sold out anywhere)
Wear: These lasted about 4 hours without any significant fading.

I realized quickly that these seemed to be dupes for the Kat Von D Alchemist Palette that everyone went crazy for when it came out a couple months ago. The Alchemist Palette allegedly has a formula that is truly unique that made the highlights in this palette MUCH more expensive. The Alchemist Palette has four colors: purple, pink, blue and green. They can be layered on top of eyeshadow or lipstick to change the look of the product. They can also be used as a highlight. I (of course) had no choice but to purchase it the second it came out and it has been impossible to find ever since. The Alchemy palette has some tiny pans inside of its beautiful packaging. The product inside is about .05 grams per pan (this is just about the size of typical MAC eyeshadow) and the cost is around $40 for the palette itself. It was limited edition and I looked around Sephora and Kat’s website and it is still sold out.

NYX Duochromatic Vs. Kat Von D Alchemist Palette

NYX Duochromatic Vs. Kat Von D Alchemist Palette

Pretty similar, right? There are some differences. The NYX highlight is much more powdery. They are a little bit harder to blend, but they are still easy to work with. I decided to do the only reasonable thing in this situation and that was to use one on one side of my face and they other on the other side to see how they stacked up against each other. I should add that I do not wear highlighter a lot. I never wear them to work or anytime that I can’t touch up my makeup. I get oily and gross really fast and I have some texture that I can’t seem to get rid of on my face. I do prefer a highlighter that has zero glitter in it and neither of these products are glittery.

Kat Von D Alchemist Palette (Blue) Vs. NYX Duochromatic in Twilight TintI noticed only minor differences in the wear of these two. The Alchemist palette was more subtle. I understand we are talking about a blue highlighter, so subtle is a term I am using that is a bit of a stretch. It was one of those highlighters that looks so beautiful when it hits the light just right. The NYX highlight was more blue from every angle. NYX was only marginally more powdery in comparison and a little bit harder to blend in. Both worked just fine and I think with the limited amount of Alchemist palettes that still exist, the NYX product would be a good replacement.

NYX Duochromatic pan sizes in comparison to Alchemist PaletteI personally prefer the formula in the Alchemist palette just because I like the way that it is not so “in your face”. I am also Kat Von D’s biggest fan so I could be a little biased. I would absolutely suggest either one of these products if you’re in the market for a very different looking highlight. NYX has two other color options that I passed on because they were too dark to be a highlight on my skin tone, but if they are the same formula as the 3 that I purchased they would also be a good buy for darker skin.

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  1. Gilletta says

    I never tried the Alchemist pallete because I have the ABH Moonchild. But I have bought & tried one of the NYX highlighters in Snow Rose & I love it

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