Tarte Cosmetics Maneater Eyeshadow Palette Review

Tarte Cosmetics Maneater Palette Review

The Basics: I believe this palette to be an Ulta exclusive (you can still purchase this on the Tarte’s Website). I also believe it is limited edition. You get 8 shadows, Lace is in a larger pan which is likely because it highlight color, for $29. This makes the cost of each shadow about $3.60, considering you like all of them, this is an excellent deal for the price.  Find it here.

formulated without: parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, gluten, dermatolgist tested

According to the information that is indicated on the back of the box, this palette would be great for those with sensitive skin; However, all of the shadows still contain talc.

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Bh Cosmetics Rose Quartz 9 Brush Set Review

These brushes scrolled through my Instagram feed and I felt like I had to have them. I recently started collecting brushes and I probably have over 100. I have been known to be super picky, but it never detoured me from trying to find affordable options. I  been able to find some lower end brushes that work just as well as the $80 brushes I have splurged on. The Bh Cosmetics Rose Quartz brushes are beautiful, but they also have quality that is good enough to actually put them to use.

Bh Cosmetics Rose Quartz 9 brush Set

Bh Cosmetics Rose Quartz 9 Brush set.

I paid under $20 for this set, which I can appreciate. I ordered them and received an email that they shipped two days later. They arrived at my house a day before the tracking information indicated. These brushes are synthetic with a silver ferrule (the metal part), gray bristles, and pink with white marbling on their plastic handles. The handles are labeled with the number of the brush and the company’s logo. Find Them Here.

Rose Quartz 9 Piece Brush Set By Bh Cosmetics

I have used these for getting ready twice, and I was very surprised with how easy they were to use. I was much more impressed with the eyeshadow brushes in comparison to the face brushes. Although they still worked well they fell a little flat for me since I would have liked to have a bigger powder brush and a foundation brush. I think it would make the set more cohesive because I had to supplement a Beautyblender for my foundation.

But if you are looking for a great set of brushes for eye makeup for a low price, these are great. All of the brushes are soft, and I have have not experienced any shedding from them. Brush Number 5 (dense crease brush), and Number 8 (Flat Shader Brush) are the two that I enjoyed using the most out of this set. I would certainly recommend picking them up to supplement your brush collection, or if you are need of eyeshadow brushes for doing a more blended look.

e.l.f Cosmetic’s Pore Refining Brush/Mask tool and Hydrating Bubble Mask Review

elf cosmetics mask tool bubble mask review

I went to Target yesterday because I wanted to review more affordable skin care. I had heard of the elf Cosmetic’s Bubble Mask and I figured I would give it a try. That’s when I found something truly revolutionary that I haven’t heard anyone talking about. This mask tool is my new favorite thing. It is totally unique to anything (higher end included) that I have found. I feel like it takes a long time to review a skincare product, at least 3 weeks of use, before you can form a really solid opinion of how this product works. So this post will be more about the mask tool than the bubble mask itself.

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Eyeshadow Palette Regrets

Eyeshadow Palette Regrets Urban Decay Too Faced

Urban Decay Vice 4, Too Faced White Chocolate Chip, Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly, Urban Decay Naked Smoked

I am an eyeshadow palette hoarder. There is something about getting someone when it first comes out that makes me giddy. I will admit to setting alarms, and checking my phone like a crazy person to get something before everyone else or before the dreaded sell-out of a limited edition palette. With my go-getter attitude, it is no surprise that I have some eyeshadow palette regrets. The problem with getting something before when it first comes out is that you’re essentially testing the waters for everyone else. Here is a list of my (pricey) regrets.Continue Reading

Newly Added to my Skincare Routine: DermaDoctor, E.L.F, and Herbivore


Herbivore, e.l.f, Dermadoctor

ELF Hydrating Gel Melt Cleanser, Herbivore AHA+BHA Resurfacing Mask, Dermadoctor Medicated AHA+BHA Acne Cleanser

Within the past year, my skincare routine has went from what I would consider normal, to what some might consider crazy. It is so hard to find skincare that works for me personally. I have always had acne and just flat out bad skin, so now as an adult I am trying to go back and fix the damage I caused from constantly touching and picking at my face. I purchased all of these products about at least 2 months ago, and I started using them in conjugation with the products that I had been using to make sure that they all work well together. If you are trying to find products that work best for you, it is so important to test them out for a few weeks before you give your final verdict. Your skin takes about that much time to adjust and really start benefiting from what you’re using. These three products: Herbivore’s Blue Tansy Mask, e.l.f’s Hydrating Gel Melt Cleanser, and DERMAdoctor’s Ain’t Misbehavin’ Acne cleanser have been perfect additions to my routine.

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Rimmel Magnif’eyes and Covergirl Tru Naked Nudes VS. Urban Decay Naked 1

Urban Decay Dupes Rimmel Magfif'eyes covergirl trunaked nudes

Shade range comparison between all three palettes

The Urban Decay Naked 1 palette was my first of many makeup splurges. I remember wanting it forever, and it seemed so much more than any of my makeup buys that I have ever made. It was the first thing that launched from a high-end makeup brand that I had to have. After that, there was no going back for me, I was a makeup hoarder from that day forward. I was browsing Target and I couldn’t help but notice that so many brands are coming out with more affordable versions of what I think a lot of people would consider one of the most iconic eye shadow palettes. The two that I found that were the closest ‘dupes’ were Rimmel Magnif’eyes (the color is Keep Calm and Wear Gold) and Covergirl Trunaked Nudes. This is going to be a review and a product comparison between all three. This will include swatches.

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Favorite Base Makeup/ Foundation, Primer, Contour, Setting Powder

I love trying everything new, But there are always some products that I will forever love. These are items that I always go back to, and I probably always will. Normally if I am not testing something out, I will be using mostly these products. Finding stuff that works is difficult, so when you do, you have to go with it. This is a list of my favorite foundation products, and why I love them so much.  I have so many makeup favorites that I’m going to separate them into separate posts, starting with foundations, etc.

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Real Techniques Diamond Sponge Review


Real Techniques Diamond sponge. Dry.

My original Beautyblender will always have a special place in my heart that I don’t think that I could ever replace it with another sponge, although I have tried many. There is just something magical about that thing that makes it the best. product. ever. But I could not resist (again) trying something new. After seeing the launch of the pretty little diamond sponge by Real Techniques, I knew I had to have it. But I would not have it right away. It was way harder to find than I would have imagined. I finally got my mitts on one during a chance encounter at Kohls.

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Pur Cosmetics Trolls Eyeshadow Palette Review

Pur Cosmetics Trolls Eyeshadow Palette ReviewI would like to start this post off by mentioning that I am completely unfamiliar with Trolls, but I am excited that they are bringing in some refreshing new makeup with all the launches that are because of this movie. I am also so more than thrilled that when I left Kohls today I knew that this would be my first post. Moving on. My first thought when I looked at the color range of this palette was “There is no way” however; I was pleasantly surprised. I decided that I would use the Pur Cosmetics Trolls eyeshadow palette for my first review.

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