Part One: YouTube Made Me Buy It

overhyped beauty products
I buy a lot of things that I do not actually think that I will get a lot of use out of because I like to review to them. It kind of comes with the territory of blogging. I feel like many of the things in this post are typical over hyped beauty products that have gained a lot of popularity from social media. With so much hype, it is easy to be let down when things are not life altering. There are a lot of products that get a ton of hype that I get so excited about the idea of and end up being duds. For this post I looked through my vanity to find things that I think have gained a lot of popularity via social media that have not worked out for me for whatever reason.

overhyped beauty products

1.) BH Cosmetics Take Me To Brazil eyeshadow palette:
This was really inexpensive which is probably why I had no issue with buying it. I think I spent around 10 dollars on it, I believe during a sale of some sort. I knew I wouldn’t use it a lot because it wasn’t really my style, but I am not opposed to using a bright color every so often. With that being said, this is a lot of product, but only a few of the shadows really perform well enough to make a super bright, impactful eye-look. I found that the first two rows are really hard to work with but the last two rows work better. The third row is darker matte rainbow shadows and can be built up relatively easily but still require quite a bit of work.  The last row is foil-ish more muted rainbow colors that also work a lot better when they are built up. I don’t mind it, and I think that if budget is your concern that you can love this. For me, I would rather invest in single bright eyeshadows for the few times I that I use them than work
around this one. ($12.99) BH Cosmetics

overhyped beauty products

BH Cosmetics Take Me to Brazil Row 1

overhyped beauty products

BH Cosmetics Take Me to Brazil Palette Row 2

Disapointing products BH Cosmetics take me to brzail palette

BH Cosmetics Take Me To Brazil Palette Row 3

overhyped beauty products

BH Cosmetics Take Me to Brazil Row 4

2.) Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit:
I bought this when cream contour became all the rage and I was at a level 10 pumped about it. I feel like this could work, but not for me. I have also heard a lot of the same gripes about it when it comes to being stiff and not super blendable. I see a lot people adding drops of oil to this to make it more workable but I guess I would assume that for the price I really do not think you should have to do to those lengths to have something work. I love lots of things from ABH but for my own personal use I like the powder kit more. This one got so much hype that I think I expected something that would morph my face shape into something that it wasn’t, and of course it didn’t. I also have a hard time wearing so many layers of product on my face all day long because it can start to look cakey. ($40) Ulta

Disapointing products Jeffree Star Princess Cut

3.) Jeffree Star Cosmetics Highlighter in Princess Cut
This is another thing that I wanted to love. I purchased this during the Memorial Day sale and it was the first Jeffree Star purchase I made in a long time, and I was really excited to try it. I ordered this and I received it really quickly and it was packaged nicely so it didn’t break during delivery. With that being said I unwrapped it, and I was so shocked by how big and beautiful it was. However, this had an issue when I started using it, and it developed a weird film (similar to ‘hard-pan’). I had to scrape off the top layer and kind of worked, but not well enough for me to really reach for it all the time. I wouldn’t be opposed to trying some of the other shades since I have heard that some of the other ones are different formulas and do not have this issue. ($29) Beautylish

Overhyped beauty products
4.) KKW By Kylie Cosmetics Crème Liquid Lipsticks
There was almost a zero percent chance that I could resist this product. I love the packaging, I love the color range. I am not a Kardashian fan and I have never watched the TV show, but I am not opposed to purchasing from this line. I have a couple Kylie liquid lipsticks and I like them enough. I am not sure what I was expecting with these ones, but I do not really use them as much as I thought that I would. These remind me more of the ABH glosses but with less pigment. They are pretty but they do not last as long as I would like them to and they do not have as much pigment as I would have liked. ($45)

Overhyped Beauty Products

Kimberly, Kim, Kiki, Kimmie

I think it is important for people who have any sort of platform to be honest about how sometimes items just do not work. Also just because I wasn’t a fan doesn’t mean that you might not love them. There are plenty of people who swear by these things and there are some items that I love that some people are not a fan of.


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