Rimmel Magnif’eyes and Covergirl Tru Naked Nudes VS. Urban Decay Naked 1

Urban Decay Dupes Rimmel Magfif'eyes covergirl trunaked nudes

Shade range comparison between all three palettes

The Urban Decay Naked 1 palette was my first of many makeup splurges. I remember wanting it forever, and it seemed so much more than any of my makeup buys that I have ever made. It was the first thing that launched from a high-end makeup brand that I had to have. After that, there was no going back for me, I was a makeup hoarder from that day forward. I was browsing Target and I couldn’t help but notice that so many brands are coming out with more affordable versions of what I think a lot of people would consider one of the most iconic eye shadow palettes. The two that I found that were the closest ‘dupes’ were Rimmel Magnif’eyes (the color is Keep Calm and Wear Gold) and Covergirl Trunaked Nudes. This is going to be a review and a product comparison between all three. This will include swatches.

Urban Decay Dupes Rimmel Magfif'eyes covergirl trunaked nudes

Arm swatches of Covergirl Trunaked nudes

Covergirl Trunaked Nudes: This palette contains 9 shades. 1 of those shades is matte, and the rest have at least a subtle shimmer. The packaging is pretty typical for drugstore packaging; simple and light. My main beef with this palette is that the shades are super powdery and there is only one matte shade. The good news about the matte shade that this one includes is that it makes a good base color (given that you are lighter skinned). If you have a deeper skin tone and try to use this, it will be hard to lay down a base color that suits you. The shades in this are the kind of eyeshadows that people would call “slippery”, which really just means that the formula includes silica (I’m science-ing real quick). The trade-off for eyeshadows that have this texture is that they almost always expire fast. This holds true for this palette because when I flipped this sucker over my suspicions were confirmed; The palette should be used 6 months after opening. The colors are pretty, the shades are good, and you can dupe more than half of the Naked 1 with this palette. My other gripe with this one is that the darkest shade isn’t as blendable as it should be since it is so dark, it surely has the potential to create a mess if you’re not careful while using it.  The cost of this palette is $8.99 and it has 6.5 grams of product. find it here

Urban Decay Dupes Rimmel Magfif'eyes covergirl trunaked nudes

Rimmel Magnif’eyes arm swatches

Next up, Rimmel Magnif’eyes in Keep Calm and Wear Gold. IDON’T HATE IT. Honestly, for the price, this is great. First, it’s a total shade copy of Urban’s. Same order and everything. Secondly, this palette is good. I have used palettes from brands that people LOVE and consider themselves “high-end” that are crappy compared to this. First off, throw away the stupid applicators that come with this and use it with an eyeshadow brush, and you will be golden. The shimmers are beautiful, and the mattes are still chalky, but it is nothing you can’t muscle through for the sake of saving yourself 40 bones. Will it be as easy, blendable and perfect as the naked palette? Nah. But it is a high-quality product for the price. The last color (these have no names) could use some work, it looks a little bit too blue so be an exact match for Gunmetal in the naked 1, but it’s still workable. The packaging for this one is also pretty typical for drugstore eyeshadow palettes, but it is more flimsy than the Covergirl palette. Rimmel has 14.16 grams of product, and UD has 15.6 so they are pretty comparable. The Rimmel shadows last for 30 months, which is awesome if you wear these colors all the time. Find it here


Urban Decay Dupes Rimmel Magfif'eyes covergirl trunaked nudes

Urban Decay Naked 1

Final Verdict: I would skip the Covergirl, even though the palette is fine, But the Rimmel one will suit your needs if you are trying to find a comparison for UD. Obviously the Naked 1 palette has beautiful packaging, comes with nice brush, and will always be one of the makeup world’s most iconic palettes, but you can certainly create some of the same looks with either drugstore option. Find it here



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    Thank you, this is very helpful Rimmel has always been a good solid brand with good quality products that are reasonably priced. The powder is soft and has good staying power, though it does take quite a bit to build up a good strong colour. Overall not bad for the price range and for general everyday wear.

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