Sephora Play! The Iconic Edition Review

Sephora Play Iconic edition review
When I first saw this I must admit that I bought it immediately because I knew that it would be one of those things that would either be totally fantastic or it would be a complete dud. The Sephora Play! Iconic Edition was limited to VIB Rouge Sephora shoppers and cost $20. Immediately after launching there was some black lash from customers about why this would be considered a perk of being VIB Rouge. There was also some hoopla about Sephora deleting 1-star reviews on their site. Honestly there were a lot of 1-star reviews from people that couldn’t possibly have received their boxes, but I did notice that many comments and reviews that where there the first time that I checked were gone later when I went back to look into it.

Moving on, I purchased my box for $20 and I received it two days later with the use of Flash Shipping. To be totally fair, I really do not gravitate towards the “luxury” brands that I knew would be in this box. They generally are not geared towards people my age or skin type and I have other brands that I prefer. I did; however, take into account that there are a lot of people that are careful about what they spend their money on and would be interested to know what was inside. I figured that spending $20 would be worth seeing what some of these brands would have to offer and here is what I got.

Sephora Play Iconic EditionDior Poision Girl ($78) Find it here.
Burberry Cat Lashes Mascara ($30) Find it here.
Tom Ford Black Orchid ($102) Find it here.
La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream
($170) Find it here.
Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine Oil-In-Stick in 49 Bright Strawberry Pink ($30) Find it here.
Guerlain L’Or Pure Radiance Face Primer
($74) Find it here.

So was it worth it? To me, it was worth $20 with free shipping. The only thing that I had in this box that I have tried before is Tom Ford Black Orchid (which I love and use all the time). I could do without being sent lip products because I almost never am into the colors that I get sent but for everything else I would likely continue to purchase this if it is made available. I also must admit that I agree with some of the reviewers of this box that at the end of the day, these are just samples of products that a lot of VIB Rouge customers already buy and it should be made available to everyone.


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