The Jaclyn Hill Palette Review and Swatches

Jaclyn Hill Palette Review
The Jaclyn Hill Palette might be the hardest makeup item that I have ever tried to get my hands on. To be fair, I have never ordered eyeshadow from Morphe and I have never used any of their makeup products to compare this one to. In all honesty I have tried to steer clear of this brand as a whole because of all of the issues surrounding products. I was super interested in this eyeshadow though because it was alleging to be so much better than all of their other products. A new and improved formula that took years to perfect, blah blah blah. I was skeptical, but I had no choice, I had to get my hands on it.
The Jaclyn Hill Palette

This launched on a Wednesday morning (around 11am for me) and the site worked pretty well for what had to have been an enormous amount of traffic. I was able to put this in my cart, and then I waited about 30 minutes for check-out. I believe this one sold out in 45 minutes. I received an email that day, and my product was delivered Saturday with just the normal shipping. I was shocked at how fast it arrived and I was mentally preparing myself for it to take weeks before I received it. It was packaged just fine for being sent in the mail with bubble wrapping and my makeup arrived in perfect condition.
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e.l.f Rosegold Eyeshadow Palette Review


elf rosegold eyeshadow reviewElf has really been stepping up their products in the past few months, and you can definitely tell by the amount of great reviews some of their stuff has gotten recently. I have always been the type of person that would rather spend 60 dollars on a product that works, than 60 dollars worth the drugstore products that are only so-so. With that being said, and with all the higher-end brands putting out products that have been misses, I am getting more comfortable with drugstore makeup. I have even been able to find a ton of products that I can really get a lot of use out of. I watched and read several reviews on the elf Matte palette and most of them were great. I didn’t see a whole lot of reviews on the Rosegold palette, so I decided to pick it up from Target.
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March 2017 Favorites

March Favorites spring makeup
March was a hard month for me to pick out my favorite products because I really liked everything that I purchased and didn’t have many complaints about anything I picked up. March and April is the perfect time to start transistioning into more spring oriented makeup trends, so I took into account the changing weather when I was picking things out. I find myself getting stuck doing my makeup the same way everyday, but I like using light bronzers and bright blushes when it starts to get warmer outside.
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NYX Duochromatic Illuminating Powder Review and Comparison To Kat Von D Alchemist Palette

Duochrome Highlighters have been super trendy recently and I have been obsessed with them since I started seeing people model them on Instagram. They can be subtle or built up to really look bright and shiny in pictures. I found these Duochromatic highlighters by NYX Cosmetics at Target and I was very excited to give them a try. They cost $8 for 6 grams of product. Find Them Here.

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Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit Review

Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit ReviewUnder normal circumstances I would have never bought these. I can safely admit that I would have turned my nose up at the thought of using A) mainly anything from Wet N Wild and B) a liquid lipstick that cost $5. I have about 500 dollars worth the liquid lipstick sitting on my vanity, and I use them rarely. I can’t handle the dry, cracked feeling and I can’t seem to make them last as long as they claim. But for the sake of review I decided to test these pups out due to the outrageous claims via Youtube. I felt like there is no way that these “Liquid Catsuit” lipsticks could be all they were being cracked up to be, but I figured I had nothing to lose in giving them a try.
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Real Techniques Diamond Sponge Review


Real Techniques Diamond sponge. Dry.

My original Beautyblender will always have a special place in my heart that I don’t think that I could ever replace it with another sponge, although I have tried many. There is just something magical about that thing that makes it the best. product. ever. But I could not resist (again) trying something new. After seeing the launch of the pretty little diamond sponge by Real Techniques, I knew I had to have it. But I would not have it right away. It was way harder to find than I would have imagined. I finally got my mitts on one during a chance encounter at Kohls.

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