Part One: YouTube Made Me Buy It

overhyped beauty products
I buy a lot of things that I do not actually think that I will get a lot of use out of because I like to review to them. It kind of comes with the territory of blogging. I feel like many of the things in this post are typical over hyped beauty products that have gained a lot of popularity from social media. With so much hype, it is easy to be let down when things are not life altering. There are a lot of products that get a ton of hype that I get so excited about the idea of and end up being duds. For this post I looked through my vanity to find things that I think have gained a lot of popularity via social media that have not worked out for me for whatever reason.
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Bh Cosmetics Rose Quartz 9 Brush Set Review

These brushes scrolled through my Instagram feed and I felt like I had to have them. I recently started collecting brushes and I probably have over 100. I have been known to be super picky, but it never detoured me from trying to find affordable options. I  been able to find some lower end brushes that work just as well as the $80 brushes I have splurged on. The Bh Cosmetics Rose Quartz brushes are beautiful, but they also have quality that is good enough to actually put them to use.

Bh Cosmetics Rose Quartz 9 brush Set

Bh Cosmetics Rose Quartz 9 Brush set.

I paid under $20 for this set, which I can appreciate. I ordered them and received an email that they shipped two days later. They arrived at my house a day before the tracking information indicated. These brushes are synthetic with a silver ferrule (the metal part), gray bristles, and pink with white marbling on their plastic handles. The handles are labeled with the number of the brush and the company’s logo. Find Them Here.

Rose Quartz 9 Piece Brush Set By Bh Cosmetics

I have used these for getting ready twice, and I was very surprised with how easy they were to use. I was much more impressed with the eyeshadow brushes in comparison to the face brushes. Although they still worked well they fell a little flat for me since I would have liked to have a bigger powder brush and a foundation brush. I think it would make the set more cohesive because I had to supplement a Beautyblender for my foundation.

But if you are looking for a great set of brushes for eye makeup for a low price, these are great. All of the brushes are soft, and I have have not experienced any shedding from them. Brush Number 5 (dense crease brush), and Number 8 (Flat Shader Brush) are the two that I enjoyed using the most out of this set. I would certainly recommend picking them up to supplement your brush collection, or if you are need of eyeshadow brushes for doing a more blended look.