How to Fix Your Skin Without a Doctor for Adult Acne and Oily Skin

Having acne is the absolute worst. And what’s even worse than having acne is having acne as a 14 year old? Having acne as a 20 (side-eyeing, you, 30) year old woman. I started color-correcting my skin when I was in middle school after reading a magazine article in my mom’s Cosmo magazine that said green corrected redness. So I remember buying some nonsense from Walmart and smearing it all over my face. Fast forwarding to high school where I had full range to wear whatever makeup (and I SURE did) I wanted. Anyway this is all working towards the idea that I started caking my face as what I would consider a toddler all in an effort to cover up the fact that I didn’t have great skin.

After I started really getting serious about makeup skills, I felt like I could never really do what all of these other gals are doing because my skin was so shitty. I decided I was over all of the skin issues that I had and I went to a doctor. Things went badly and I ended up not getting the results I wanted. I had really bad side effects from antibiotics that I was prescribed. I used them for about 5 days before I just stopped using all of it.

I really immersed myself into figuring out a skincare routine and after trying out about a million products I feel like I finally found some products that fixed most of my issue. I started using a routine and really getting serious about my skincare about a year ago so the first picture that I included would be from about a year ago.

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