Tarteist Pro Glow Review

Tarteist Pro Glow Review

I am afraid of highlighting. I can admit it. I always love the way a pretty glow looks on everyone else, but I am always so afraid of “highlighting” the texture on my face and making myself look oily. I have been purchasing a lot of highlighters and trying to figure out a good way to highlight my face without emphasizing any imperfections. I feel like a lot of makeup is geared towards getting a quality picture for Instagram and sometimes being so heavy doesn’t translate well to real life. I decided to do a Tarteist Pro Glow review because this palette seems like it would be good for everyone, and could easily be used as a beginner palette when you’re not really sure what looks best on your skin.
                                                                                                 The Basics
Cost: $45
Where To Buy: This is available at Ulta, Tarte’s Website and Sephora. Find it here
Formula: 5 pans of powders, 1 cream contour
Amount of Product: Each Pan has about 5 grams of product which is about 30 grams of product for the entire palette
Expiration: 12 months.
Ingredients: Cruelty Free Product. Ingredients are listed on the box that the palette comes in. Most of the shades contain talc and mica. Both have a very small likelihood of causing irritation in very sensitive skin although cosmetic-grade talc is widely considered safe. It is important to do your own research in regard to using products containing talc. The entire palette is formulated without: parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, gluten and it is dermatologist tested.
Packaging: The packaging on this is very nice. The matte black can lead to some messy looking fingerprints on the front, but it looks very pretty with gold writing and gold details inside. The palette closes with a heavy magnet closure and seems safe for travel. There are two horizontal mirrors on both sides when opened.
Important Notes: This palette does a have a slight vanilla fragrance

Tarteist Pro Glow ReviewThe Good: I have really enjoyed using this and I have used it almost everyday since I have purchased it. I feel like Lit and Strobe are perfect everyday highlighters. There is not a speck of glitter to be found, and it wears evenly on my skin without highlighting a lot of texture. Fire and Stunner are a much more intense highlight. I have been using both of them for a tear duct highlight. Fire would be perfect for darker skin tones, and I believe that out of all of the shades that are included in this, it would be the one that I would get the least use of.
The scent of the palette is actually nice. I really have never understood the point of adding a fragrance to a face or eyeshadow palette. It seems very gimmicky to me. The light vanilla scent of this is very subtle, but smells great. I am not sensitive to fragrance in makeup, although I try to avoid it, but it would be a shame if someone couldn’t use this simply because a fragrance was added for no real reason.
The highlighting shades can be built up or applied with a more dense brush for added shimmer.

Tarteist Pro Glow Swatches
The Bad: My issue with this palette is really a non-issue. I purchased this solely for highlighting, and not for contouring. I am not a fan of either of the contour shades. I am trying to use more cream contours and I tried Shade from this palette and I had a very hard time blending it. This is probably because it is a little too dark for my skin tone. The same goes for Sculpt which is the powder color that is included in this one. I feel if your skin is more neutral than these colors will work very well for you. Since my skin tone is cooler, I need more of a grayish colored contour shade.

The Verdict: I really enjoy this one. I think the packing is modern and pretty. The shade range in this one seems like it can be used by most skin tones as well. If you want to start using highlighters and are not sure what would suit you best, this would would be a good pick to experiment with.



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