The Jaclyn Hill Palette Review and Swatches

Jaclyn Hill Palette Review
The Jaclyn Hill Palette might be the hardest makeup item that I have ever tried to get my hands on. To be fair, I have never ordered eyeshadow from Morphe and I have never used any of their makeup products to compare this one to. In all honesty I have tried to steer clear of this brand as a whole because of all of the issues surrounding products. I was super interested in this eyeshadow though because it was alleging to be so much better than all of their other products. A new and improved formula that took years to perfect, blah blah blah. I was skeptical, but I had no choice, I had to get my hands on it.
The Jaclyn Hill Palette

This launched on a Wednesday morning (around 11am for me) and the site worked pretty well for what had to have been an enormous amount of traffic. I was able to put this in my cart, and then I waited about 30 minutes for check-out. I believe this one sold out in 45 minutes. I received an email that day, and my product was delivered Saturday with just the normal shipping. I was shocked at how fast it arrived and I was mentally preparing myself for it to take weeks before I received it. It was packaged just fine for being sent in the mail with bubble wrapping and my makeup arrived in perfect condition.

Jaclyn Hill Palette ReviewCost: About $50 dollars after shipping without the use of a coupon code. This is US shipping but I have heard of people paying astronomical amounts for shipping on this thing in other countries. I feel like this should be made better available for everyone to be able to get. I would not be wiling to pay $100 plus dollars for this.
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Packaging: White cardboard with silver detailing. It is much different looking than the typical Morphe packaging. The packing is white; though, so it will definitely get dirty.
The Jaclyn Hill Palette ReviewThe Jaclyn Hill Palette ReviewThe Jaclyn Hill Palette ReviewThe Jaclyn Hill Palette ReviewThe Jaclyn Hill Palette ReviewThere is a lot to be said about this palette. First off the price seems to be right (for those of us that are able to get this palette without paying so much additional shipping). I cannot compare this palette to more “luxury” brands because at the end of the day Morphe is an affordable brand. It would be unfair to compare this to a Natasha Denona palette when the cost of it is much less. With that being said I am not sold on Morphe products, but I can’t really say that this palette is bad because it is actually quite good. Much better than what I was expecting. The pops of color make sense and are easy to navigate with all of the neutrals that were included.

Jaclyn Hill Palette ReviewThere are some drawbacks to this one.
Packaging: It’s white and it’s cardboard. Which means that if you have foundation, eyeshadow or anything on your fingers its going to get on this and you won’t be able to wipe it off. I am not into displaying my makeup so I could personally care less about whether or not something is dirty, some people would want this to stay clean. It’s reasonable, but not a deal breaker for me.
Mirror: There isn’t one in here. I have gotten in the habit of using the mirrors in my palettes which I never used to do. With this being rather large it is not ideal to throw in a purse, but a mirror would be helpful especially since this was designed as a higher-end Morphe palette.
Staining: The most interesting thing I have noticed about this one is that some of the shadows to stain my eyelids and my brushes. Even after removing my eye makeup I still had a lot of darkness around my eyes. I haven’t really seen any complaints about this, but I definitely noticed it.
Jaclyn Hill Palette ReviewIt’s worth it. Regardless of whether you like Jaclyn Hill or Morphe this is still a good palette for the cost even with the minor drawbacks that it has. It is pretty much a lifetime supply of product and it is great for people who stick to mainly neutral colors but want a pop of color every so often. I would recommend.



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    The shades look stunning but the shipping is just way too high. I can understand that Jacyln probably didn’t have much control over that, but as an influencer she needs to keep that in mind because a lot of her audience doesn’t live in the US. Thanks for sharing though! It was nice to see the swatches. x Nikita

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    Thanks so much for this review Kayleigh! x I do want this, as I already own about 4 Morphe palettes and am obsessed with them and the pigmentation, however, of course, the shipping puts me off immediately. The others, I bought off of beauty bay and beautylish, so if ever this beauty comes to their site, I’ll be on it like a car bonnet! xx
    Marina Rosie x

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