theBalm Appetit Eyeshadow Palette Review

The Balm always has eye-catching and interesting packaging that makes their products unique. This product is no different. This eyeshadow palette is in a “menu” theme with the names of the shadows being plays on food and men’s names (stay with me, it’s weird, I know). Part of me thinks that the way that their products are packaged is cute and the other part of me thinks it’s too much and makes takes away from the actual quality of the product because it feels young. Regardless of how you feel about the theme of their products, they do work well.

Cost: $40 for 9 shadows
Where to BuyKohls
What’s Inside: In this palette you get 3 matte, 3 satin and 3 foil eyeshadows.
Important Notes: All of the shadows in this palette are talc, paraben and cruelty free. All of the shadows can be used wet or dry.
Packaging: This palette comes in a protective sleeve that holds the cardboard palette with a magnetic closure. There is a mirror included in this palette as well.
theBalm Appetit Eyeshadow Palette Review

Bruce Schetta (cream base/browbone highlight. Matte.)
Mac Encheese (mauve cool-toned crease/transition shade. Matte.)
Roy Sinbread (taupe cool-toned crease/transition shade. Matte.)
Tate R. Tots (dusty pink. Foil.)
Rocky Road-Icecream (Lavender brown with gray undertone. Foil.)
Chris P. Bacon (warm dark rusty orange. Foil.)
Hal Apeno-Poppers (champagne highlight. Satin.)
Artie Chokedip (cool-toned gray with slight blue undertones. Satin.)
Alfred O’Pasta (dark navy. Satin.)

The formula of these shadows are a bit drier than I am used to, but they are pigmented and work just as well as shadows that have more “slip”. The good thing about a drier eyeshadow is that they will last longer on oily eyelids but can sometimes be harder to blend out. I think in this palette in particular the matte shadows are absolutey wonderful and I find myself using them as base shadows even when I am using a different palette for my eyeshadow. The top three shadows are cool-toned and I love using them as a base for some looks. The foils are also great and I think they work best when using them without a brush and patting them on your lid with your finger. I am not a fan of the satin formula in this one and I have not found myself using them a lot.
theBalm Appetit Eyeshadow Palette Review

Like I said, I love the matte shadows. I think that they are definetly the stand outs in this palette. They are more dry than the shadows that I normally like, but they still work extremely well. They are also easy to blend out and make a cohesive look. I also think that this palette would be perfect for someone that would like an eyeshadow palette that can create a bunch of different looks without having to switch between several different palettes looking for base colors and pops of color or shimmer shades.
Like I mentioned before, I am not a fan of the satin shadows that they included. They still are workable but they are not my favorite formula and they are not the standouts of this palette. I had a hard time incorporating them into the eye looks that I was doing, and skipped over them in exchange for the foiled shadows since they are more my personal style.

I think that this palette would be good for most anyone, but certainly those that would like a palette that they can use for “work” makeup and also can create a look for going out. There are enough neutral shades to make an easy casual work look and enough fashion forward shades to create something that really can standout.


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