Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit Review

Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit ReviewUnder normal circumstances I would have never bought these. I can safely admit that I would have turned my nose up at the thought of using A) mainly anything from Wet N Wild and B) a liquid lipstick that cost $5. I have about 500 dollars worth the liquid lipstick sitting on my vanity, and I use them rarely. I can’t handle the dry, cracked feeling and I can’t seem to make them last as long as they claim. But for the sake of review I decided to test these pups out due to the outrageous claims via Youtube. I felt like there is no way that these “Liquid Catsuit” lipsticks could be all they were being cracked up to be, but I figured I had nothing to lose in giving them a try.

SwatchesThe Basics:
I purchased 3 shades from Walgreens. I found the the color selection that was available in-store was limited due to many of them being sold out. I tried to purchase a variety of shades in order to see if the formula was strong across the board. I looked at the Wet n Wild official site and they are all available for online order. Find Them Here.

Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit ReviewThe Good:
The formula seems great for every color. I didn’t notice any differences in pigmentation between the different shades. These stayed totally comfortable on my lips and I wore them for about 6 hours before taking them off. I noticed a little bit of “wearing down” on my bottom lip but that was after eating, and drinking throughout the day.
I did not notice any fragrance in this product and the packaging was typical of a normal liquid lipstick. Actually, everything about this product seemed standard to that of a $20 dollar liquid lipstick, and in some respects even better.
The color range is good. I would like to see more “alternative” colors since people would be more likely to purchase them for 5 dollars instead of 25.

Nudie Patootie first applied

Liquid Catsuit in shade Nudie Patootie immediately after application

The Bad:
I hate to be that guy, but I have zero complaints about this product. For the price and for the product that you’re getting I loved it. It is up with some of my other high-end lipsticks when it comes to being comfortable and long-lasting.

Nudie Patootie after 5 hours of wear

Nudie Patootie after 5 hours of wear

These photos are all taken by me and are unedited and unfiltered to reflect the actual look of the products pictured.


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